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Welcome to the professional online HQ of R. Lee Brown: Storyteller.

As a culture, we have a heritage of storytellers, and telling stories is what I do best. I've done a LOT of different things over my career; I've told many types of stories over a wide variety of media.

From concept to script to direction to editing to finished productionUltimately, though, it doesn't matter what media I'm working in or the specifics of the story: I enjoy the storytelling.

And really (if you’ll forgive me starting a sentence with “and”), that’s what any website, article, script or blog, video or radio program, book, marketing collateral or advertising message is – a story. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy/drama with fictional characters or a client’s message prudently massaged and presented in just the right light.

Expect a nifty online portfolio of sorts, expect a fair dose of humor, and expect me to be unashamedly candid.

That’s the R. Lee Brown you’ll find in real life.

How can I tell YOUR  story?

From copywriting to short stories, teleplays to plays on words, crafting compelling stories is my wheelhouse. Everything else springs from that. Plus, I’ve now finagled the word “wheelhouse” into a sentence and you don’t see that every day.

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There's plenty more writing where that came from: you can find a more comprehensive list in the What I Do section.

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