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Magazine articles and blogs are a whole different animal. Every venue (either print or virtual) has its own style and reader environment; sometimes the tone can vary depending on the message.

Specific Voice
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Writer/Creative Director/Media Producer

Researching is just the first piece of the puzzle; translating the information into a language the viewer demographic is comfortable with is just as important. I've written informative articles and blogs for big corporations and small clients alike. Here's just a small sampling.

"Charity Accounts: Making a Difference in the World"

"Did you know…? 5 Fun Facts about Dubai"

"Anatomy of a Free Trial"

"How to Connect with Mom All Year Long"


Sci-Fi World
"Fantastic Plastic"

I was able to leverage my science fiction background for a popular Sci-Fi publication -- although the correct fan terminology is now "SF." Through networking with other fans, several Sci-Fi magazines approached me to write articles for them.

The article ran the gamut of science fiction franchises and made the terminology as painless as possible for newcomers. The article is out of print (and not available online) so I've included the copy here.

So many samples. So little time!
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