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AC Comics FemForce

Founded in 1969 and run by Industry Gentleman Bill Black,
AC Comics® has published a slew of golden age and color comics, but their gemstone has always been FemForce, comicdom’s first and only successful all-female super-team book.

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Giant Women!
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In 1997, Femforce became the 229th comic book ever to pass the one hundred issue mark, and spawned an ever-increasing circle of spin-offs, support books and licensed merchandise.

I met Bill through a mutual aquantaince. Bill realilzed I was a writer and a fan of the industry, and gave me a back-up story to finish, featuring a comics genre that had proven VERY popular at AC: Giant Women.

How could I refuse THAT kind of challenge?

AC Comics
FemForce #102 - back-up story by R. Lee Brown
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Besides, his comic characters were created in such a way that they could deal with serious stories, or more light-hearted fare. Since I was doing a back-up story, I chose to apply my sense of humor. So in FemForce issue #102 I had a writing dream come true: my professional comic writing debut.

As a side note: the comic industry had taken a downturn, and AC was publishing their remaining new books in black and white at the time.

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