Holiday Video Script
Interactive Message Videos

Pursuing interactive videos (detailed in the Media Producer section) as a product, DME requested a series of stories that could be used during specific calendar dates. The concept would be allowing DME customer companies to brand each and present them under their own label.

One set of scripts was produced; the second hit script phase.

Full Casted scripts
For interactive videos
Intended to go viral
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Writer/Creative Director/Media Producer

The intent of the "Holiday" series was to create humorous video variations on holiday themes that could go viral. This would set up the seasonal IMVs with a built-in audience recognition and the advantage of being re-usable yearly.

Two Christmas-themed videos were created: one featuring Santa being caught as a neighborhood burglar, the other with the "viewer" picking him out of a line-up.

An additional script featuring a Super Bowl party was drafted before management decided that they couldn't get the sales department to endorse something "cutting edge" in favor of "safer" content.

Stills from the Holiday IMV
Holiday Video Script Super Bowl IMV script
First of two Santa-themed humorous holiday scripts Super Bowl IMV script

Clip from final Holiday IMV - concept/written/co-directed by R. Lee Brown

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