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Customer Site for Ideal Patients

A key part of the Wellness Vertical was a variable customer website with a video host. Created in Flash, this site would automatically show the consumer's name and their doctor's information.

There was a LOT of information; this needed a twist on the video host schtick.

Video host shoot
Edit interactivity
Creative Direction

Contact: (386) 547-0654

Writer/Creative Director/Media Producer

Variable text, graphics and even videos were needed for this site, presented in a compact, informative yet visually appealing way. This would allow DME to use the same base template without manually recreating it for ever doctor and every patient.

The Doctor's information would come from a database: name, logo, location, phone number.

The Prospect/Patient information would also be database driven: name, type of procedure, video host based on age range and procedure, additional doctor procedures... this presentation would be packed.

Much variable information, graphics and even videos needed for the Consumer Site

And there was MORE.

DME wanted to show off both sides of the postcard the viewer received that sent them to the page, plus directions to the Doctor's office, special offers, and even a refer-a-friend form so the prospect could forward the page to people they knew who might be interested.

A layered approach would present multiple touch sub-pages in the same space
Multiple Flash layers would be the answer.

ActionScript in Flash could handle variable calls to the database (and thank goodness for knowledgable programmers!), so a "business card" with the doctor information would sit on the front layer.

Creating the video host movies (one series with a younger host, one with an older host) could be accomplished using a transparent background; the database would request a specific host video, and the rest of the information would appear BEHIND the video.

The rest of the information would be created in an extremely wide layer that would be masked to only show behind the host. Variable information could be fed to the different areas of this layer, and built-in navigation buttons would scroll to the requested section all while the video host movie continued to play in front.

Alert: This presentation uses FlashThis presentation uses Flash.

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