Actor Jodi Chase was video host for the Saturn CD experience
CD-ROM Video Script
Saturn Interactive Experience

In the days before broadband internet connections were the norm instead of the exception, CD-ROMs proved a viable alternative to deliver hosted video content that used internet activity to personalize and track viewer usage.

Saturn wanted one to show off its 2003 line-up.

Text research
Teleprompter script
Directed video
Supervised Art
Contact: (386) 547-0654

Writer/Creative Director/Media Producer

The CD-ROM included fully video-hosted segments that gave statistics, pictures and edited running footage videos for each of their major lines.

Scripting these segments meant wading through a metric ton of company marketing materials and press releases and melting it all down to something that was much more consumer friendly. There was a lot of information presented and the video host had to appear knowledgable yet entertaining.

The only limitation was the amount of data a CD-ROM could hold; future iterations of this storytelling device online would use more on-screen animation and host interaction with the virtual surroundings.

Saturn CD Experience
Script for Saturn CD Experience
Teleprompter script for entire Saturn CD Video Clip from Saturn Experience CD-ROM introduction

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