The Genius of Miles Davis 3D
Collection Video for Sony Music

Luxuriously packaged in a custom built, limited-edition Martin trumpet case, The Genius of Miles Davis presents the artist's complete body of work recorded for Columbia Records between 1955-1985 in 8 deluxe box sets.

Sony wanted a video to present the set and its case; I suggested that CGI render would be a much better route to take.

Music Selection
Creative Direction
Video Editing
Contact: (386) 547-0654

Writer/Creative Director/Media Producer

We had come a long way since the days of Telvis in 1993; CGI programs and animation had become the norm in 2010 and I was working with Ken Johnson, an artist very talented in the field of CGI and 3D creation.

I put together a script and storyboard for the promo. Ken meticulously re-created the trumpet case and each CD case and disk in 3D, animating them to display the very encompassing compilation Sony had put together.

I had to select the specific cuts and sections from a dozen Miles Davis tunes -- no small feat when some cuts would be only 5 - seconds in length.

  Storyboards for Miles Davis 3D promo
The results were pretty spectacular. We were able to explore the trumpet case and the eight CD albums completely in 3D space, giving the audience an exact understanding of how big this collection really is. The level of detail and texture really bring the Genius of Miles Davis Collection to life in this video.

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