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Captain Heroic

It was either natural or inevitable that I would combine two of my favorite things - comics and humor - into a third favorite thing - action/adventure computer games.

So I set out to create a superhero parody poking fun at the genre in general and certain icons specifically, wrapped in an adventure/action game that would be hilarious fun to play.

220 pg Design Document
Superhero Satire
Directing Artists
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Writer/Creative Director/Media Producer

This journey would take me over a dozen years, and twice as many rewrites; the result is a 220 page Design Document (which, don't worry, I'm not posting in its entirety here!) that lays out satirical heroic and villainous characters with character, a fictional city as much a satire as a place to hang their capes, plus game mechanics, character stats, and any number of other concepts that a programmer can tell me are impossible.

But this was my means to give life to Captain Heroic and the other denizens of New Megatown, like Bugman, Bronze Biker, Mister Sister, Master Villainy and Repairman the Dank Knight.

Captain Heroic character sheet

Along the way, I got to work with and direct over two dozen current or future comic artists to mold their takes on characters, powers, and personalities that helped shape (and sometimes create or eradicate) the heroes and villains of Captain Heroic and turn them into enjoyable parodies any fan of superhero comics would recognize and laugh at.

Writing samples here include a character description of the the game's main hero to the upper right, a game overview, description of gameplay and even a brief excerpt demonstrating the style of humor.

Captain Heroic Game Overview Captain Heroic GameplayCaptain Heroic script excerpt
  Captain Heroic Game Overview Captain Heroic Gameplay Captain Heroic Script Excerpt
So, anyone ready to make Captain Heroic #1: "The Essential Limited Mini-Series Graphic Novel of DOOM!" ?

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