Your voice is more important than ever in these changing times. Washington needs to know what the PEOPLE want - and I want to make sure that Congress LISTENS. I have had YEARS figuring out how to make my wife listen, and if I can do THAT, then by gosh Congress should be EASY.

Thank you for visiting my online campaign headquarters. Here you'll find everything you want or need or even don't care to know about where I stand on the issues that matter most to YOU. Trust me, I have a stance on everything, and there's at least an 85% chance it's the stance you want me to have.

If not, I can change. Really! If I can learn to put the seat down, I can sure learn to tell you whatever I think you need to hear!.

I want to know who you are and what concerns you, so I can give you true representation on Capitol Hill. Please make sure to take the survey and make your voice heard.


Thank you for your time and interest in our great state!